Welcome to SwivelServe! The inspiration for our innovative kitchen tool struck one evening during the preparation of tacos. Have you ever grappled with a messy, overcrowded cutting board? We certainly have! That moment prompted us to seek a better, more efficient process for slicing, sorting, and serving food.

Despite scouring various sources, we couldn't find a product that seamlessly integrated a cutting board with a serving tray. Determined, we embarked on the journey of creation. Through extensive research, contemplation, and testing, we developed the initial SwivelServe prototype using foam boards and plastic cutting boards sourced from our local dollar store. Sharing it with friends and family yielded positive feedback, inspiring us to enhance and refine our creation further.

After diligent adjustments and improvements, we are excited to unveil the final design of the SwivelServe. We ensured its practicality, efficiency, and meticulous craftsmanship. The cutting surface boasts top-notch quality, crafted from either premium plastic or wood materials. Our plastic board stands out for its durability. The wood boards are responsibly sourced from forests based in the USA and expertly crafted in Michigan.

SwivelServe takes pride in being designed and manufactured in Michigan, upholding the highest quality standards. It transcends being just a kitchen tool; it's a practical tool for you, your family, and your friends, built to last a long time. Join us on this journey, where SwivelServe revolutionizes your prepping and serving experiences.

Get your hands on this handy device and experience a better way to prepare meals and snacks.