Walnut SwivelServe™ Cutting Board

Sale price$90.00 USD

Our revolutionary combination of a cutting board and serving tray is meticulously crafted as your all-in-one, versatile kitchen companion, simplifying your food preparation with less mess in less space.

Our walnut boards seamlessly marry craftsmanship with CNC precision. Responsibly sourced from nature, each board emanates a profound and rich contrast. Regarded as the beauty and the beast in our collection, walnut stands out with its captivating appearance and formidable durability. Despite being one of our softer wood varieties, rest assured, this wood is more than capable and will prove to be a reliable and stunning addition to your home for years to come.

Walnut Cutting Board (Only) - crafted from ¾-inch all-natural walnut wood (edge-grain). This board is the ultimate showstopper that captures the rich and dark contrast this wood species offers.